Case Diameter: 47.5 mm w/o crown
Case Height:  15 mm
Case length:  55mm
Lug Width: 24 mm
Movement: Ronda Quartz, 1 Jewel
Case material: Brass (or a brass
alloy) with satin chrome finish and
screwed-in strap bars. Case back is
stainless steel.
Crown: Canteen style screw down
Bezel: Bi-directional, not indexed
Water resistance: 60 meters
Vintage: late '80s

At the end of WWII the Russian
government took control of most
private companies in East Germany
from their owners and made them into
"peoples owned organizations". All the
famous watch manufacturing
companies in the town of Glashuette,
such as Lange, Kurtz, Muehle, UROFA
and many others were forced to join
"Glashuetter Uhren-Betriebe VEB".
VEB is "Volkseigener Betrieb", which
translates to "publicly owned
business". While most of the previous
owners fled to Western Germany and
founded new factories, the newly
formed "GUB" supplied watches to the
Nationale Volks Armee (the National
Poeple's Army of East Germany).

These watches were issued to East
German combat divers in the late '80s.
After the re-unification of Germany in
1990, they became commonly
available. Their low cost and robust
design made them popular as a basis
for "franken" hybrid projects. They are
now rarely seen in original condition.

Additional reference information:

Military Watches and Clocks of the
German Forces The German Forces
After 1945 by Konrad Knirim
"EIGENTUM DER NVA" translates to
"Property of the National Poeple's
Army of East Germany"