Mike Nelson
A number of different boats served as
Mike's dive boat through the different
seasons of the show. My favorite is
"Argonaut", a 33 ft Trojan Sea Breeze 346
Express cruiser powered by twin Crusader
Marine engines. Originally built in 1960 for
use in season 4, "Argonaut" has survived
all these years and has been restored in
San Diego.
scubawatch hero
Lloyd Bridges starred as the ex-Navy frogman Mike Nelson in
the TV series "
Sea Hunt". Originally aired from 1958-1961, ol'
Mike would "bring it" week after week, catching the bad guys
and rescuing those in peril, all against the backdrop of
underwater SCUBA adventure. When I'm in a jam, I think "what
would Mike Nelson do?"

Many of the original Sea Hunt Episodes are appearing again
on cable TV and hulu.com. The music you're hearing is the
original theme music from the program.
You'll see Mike wearing a few different dive watches.
In season one he wears a USN issue Elgin BUSHIPS
UDT (picture above). Easily identified by its over
sized canteen-style crown, it is what a Navy frogman
of that era would have worn. The prop master had two
(or more) of these UDTs, as I have seen both Nelson
and another character wearing them in the same

In season three Mike is seen wearing what I suspect
to be a Rolex Oyster on an expanding bracelet. It has
been said that Mike also wore a Rolex Submariner,
but I have yet to seen an episode where it can be