The Eterna-Matic KonTiki Super was a favored watch of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) with a number of them being issued to
members of Shayetet 13, the elite Naval Commando unit. This watch has correct IDF military engravings and came with a S-13
"Batwings" badge. I don't know whether this watch was S-13 issue or not, but it is in exceptional condition. Most surviving examples
of IDF issue KonTikis show considerable wear, having been worn by soldiers often in combat operations.

IDF issued watches can be identified by military engravings on the back of the watch. The IDF property marks on this watch are in
Hebrew, beginning with the letter "tzade" (which looks kinda like the letter "y"), which is the first letter in the word "Tzvah" or "Forces,"
as in "Israeli Defense Forces." The serial number is followed by a "nun" (looks like the letter "j"). Note that Herbew language reads
from right to left. The markings on the lower portion of the case back are the catalog and parts numbers for the watch.
Note: I have
chosen to hide the engravings as these watches have become quite popular with counterfeiters. I've seen many
perfectly good civilian watches ruined by the application of false military engravings.

This is an example of a later type KonTiki Super. Improvements over earlier type watches include a larger case and a uni-directional,
racheting bezel. It is from the early ‘70s and still possesses its original, signed bracelet, hang tag, box and "presentation" card. The
"presentation" card is not a IDF issue paper, but was printed by a watch dealer who purchased and sold a number of these IDF
Eterna-Matic KonTiki Super
IDF Issue

Case Diameter: 41 mm
Case Height: 14 mm
Case length: 45 mm
Lug Width: 20 mm
Movement: Eterna signed ETA cal.
2824, 25j hacking automatic, quick-set
date, 40 hr. power reserve, 28,800
Case material: Stainless steel
Crown: Screw down
Bezel: Uni-directional, indexed  w/ 60
Water resistance: 200 meters
Vintage: 1970's