Seller: butterflybee
Auction number: 8917802901
Relisted: 8918541586


  • "Stubbies"

  • Pointy "A"

  • Fake hands. The fakes have a smaller lume area
    and thicker edges than authentic hands.

  • This auction is a "Private Listing", where the
    bidder's ID is kept private. Sellers will use this type of
    auction to prevent a knowledgeable observer from
    contacting the bidders and informing them that the
    item is a fake.
Correct Model Numbers/Movements for the
SM 300 are as follows:

  • The correct model number for a no-date
    style is 165.024. Either a 17 jewel cal 550 or
    24 jewel cal 552 is the correct movement.

  • The correct model number for a date style is
    166.024. A 24 jewel cal 565 is the correct

Any watch with 700 series day-date movement
is incorrect as
Omega never produced a day-
date version of the SM300

The model number will be found inside the
case back.
AUTHENTIC 165.024 Case Back
Seller: thebestvolvo850
Auction number: 8917947583

This one is interesting for two reasons. First the seller admits to
having made a mistake in buying this watch, and doesn't hide
what's wrong with it in his description:

"This was an uneducated and foolish purchase by me
sometime ago and quickly found it is not 100% genuine.

The movement is a genuine Omega Cal. 562 (with date) but
the rest of the watch is Very Questionable and believed
many Aftermarket Parts were used to build this watch.

Learn from the mistake and bought a very good vintage
S/M 300 so I am getting rid of this POS."
The key words here are "learn from the

The second reason this is interesting is
the obvious "aging and wear" that was
applied to hide the clues to the fakery. I
can't tell for sure, but it looks like
someone tried to remove the "stubbies".
There appears to be a little telltale
"stubbie" remaining behind a couple of
markers. Someone also polished the
case back clean to remove the
identifiable clues.
Here's one from the MWR Image
Besides the usual clues, this
one has a set of fake hands that are
terribly over-sized and misshapen, and
the "T SWISS MADE T" is in the wrong
location. It should be on the outer edge
of the dial. You don't see these any
more as the forgers have gotten a bit
better at their craft.
Seller: mike070548
Auction number: 8918969245


  • "Stubbies"

  • Closed loops on 6 and 9

  • Big triangle and case engravings
    would indicate military issue. If so
    the watch would also have fixed
    strap bars.

  • The military issue number
    A/254/67 has been seen before
    on other fake SM300s (see
    below). Any watch seen with this
    number should be considered a
    fake. Note how a little "wear" was
    applied to this one for added

Whomever put this one together
knows a little bit about what's correct
for these watches. The movement is
a cal 552, which would be correct for
an authentic watch, and the
movement's serial number is
23,xxx,xxx which indicates a
production date of 1966, relating
correctly to the fake military
engravings on the back which show
an "issue date" of 1967.

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Below: Here's another example of
what looks like the exact same fake
SM 300, right down to the same
military issue number on the back.
This auction is listed by a different
seller, nikky_987.
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