Vintage Omega Mesh Bracelets

Made of stainless steel chain maille, these were
optionally available on many of Omega's
professional dive watches from the '60s &'70s, like
the PloProf and the 1000 Meter Professional.  
Manufactured in 20, 22 and 24mm sizes, these
bracelets look great on any dive watch and can still
be found on eBay.

The 24mm and 22mm versions taper to 20mm,
allowing all three sizes to use the same clasp. The
clasps on these are a two-piece buckle. Omega
also offered extension pieces which can be added
to the bracelet to increase its length along with an
adjustable rubber extention allowing it to be worn
over a wetsuit.
Shane Delaurian
Custom Leather Straps

I hate to use clichés, but these
straps really are '
Unparalleled quality, each is hand
made to the customers specification.

here for Shane's site
Vintage NSA Bracelets

These OEM quality stainless steel
bracelets were used by a number of
manufacturers during the '60s & '70s, like
Heuer, Eterna, Favre-Leuba, Zenith,
Longines, Aquadive/Aquastar and others.
It's nice to have parts like this in your kit, so
you've got that 'just right' bracelet for the
next vintage dive watch you may find. A few
of these styles can still be found on eBay:

Bill Mahoney Vintage/NOS  Straps and
Bracelets click here
Vintage TROPIC Dive Straps

TROPIC brand watch straps were the original
waterproof strap back in the '60s & '70s, and
were original equipment on many dive watches
including the Rolex Submariner. If you specified
your Submariner without the bracelet, this is the
strap you got. Rolex service centers were also
supplied with Tropic straps.

Anyone who was into scuba diving back then
surely remembers their trademark perforated
basket-weave pattern. Made of soft plastic,
these straps were available in a variety of
styles, sizes and colors. At one time they
seemed to be everywhere, but now are
becoming scarce and collectible by themselves.

Tropics were produced in Switzerland during
the '60s and '70s, and later manufactured in
China using the original molds. The originals
are signed  "TROPIC" and marked "SWISS
MADE", and are typically fitted with an "INOX"
or "ACIER" signed buckle. The Chinese
manufactured straps are nearly identical except
for being unsigned and using a "China" or
"Hong Kong" manufactured buckle.

I have also seen a few that are signed "SUB",
with a "MADE IN ITALY" buckle.

Many of these can still be found on ebay:

Bill Mahoney Vintage/NOS  Straps and
Bracelets click here
Vintage "Aqua-Lung" Calypso
Depth Gauges

Vintage: '60-'70s

If you had an orange-dialed Doxa Sub
back in the day, I suppose you would want
a matching orange-dialed depth gauge too.
Olongapo Watch Bracelets

These bracelets were popular with military
personnel during the Viet Nam War. Hand
crafted in the city of Olongapo (located
near Subic Bay Naval Station, in the
Phillipines) each was specifically made for
the wearer with personalized emblems.

Accessories and other dive watch collectibles
"Isofrane" and other vintage
dive straps

"Isofrane" straps were original equipment
on some of the best professional quality
dive watches of the '60s, '70s and '80s
including the Omega Seamaster 600
Professional, Aquastar Benthos 500 and
Benthos 1000. Made of urethane and
identified by square holes, a wide tang on
the buckle and the angle cut of the end
(see the middle strap in the photo on the
right), they were available in 20, 22 and
24mm sizes.

Similar to the Isofrane is the OEM strap
that was supplied with the TAG-Heuer
Super Professional 1000, Zodiac Super
Sea Wolf and various models from Squale
(straps on left and right in the photo). This
strap shares some of the details of the
Isofrane but is manufactured of a different
material. This strap has round holes and is
frequently identified (incorrectly) as an
Isofrane, but is actually manufactured by
Italian strap manufacturer Bonetto Cinturini.

Original examples of Isofrane straps are
quite scarce, and when they do appear the
prices are extraordinary. Thankfully,
Isofrane straps are being manufactured
again in the original style:

click here for ISOFRANE Straps

The only other manufacturer to offer this same
bracelet as an OEM item was Eterna, which
offered a 20mm version as an option for their
KonTiki Super watch. Rarely seen, it differed from
the Omega bracelet only in the use of a flip-lock
on the clasp and the Eterna signature.